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BICCO AGRO PRODUCTS PVT LTD is a pioneer in India in the development and production of unique biological inputs for enhancing sustainable productivity of agricultural, plantation, horticultural crops, and for human welfare.

Bicco emphasizes the utilization of plant derived natural products as core materials in the development of plant nutrients, plant protectants, plant growth hormones, herbal inputs and beverage product like tea of their importance in human health.

Bicco therefore is a leader in India for the utilization of natural resources in the development of biological inputs for agriculture, and for developments of products for human consumption. The company's core principle is optimal utilization of natural resources in the production of eco-friendly products that would help in improving plant and human health. This environment consciousness is the key to the success of the Bicco Group backed by its strong Research and Development Unit.

The Company has its own R & D Unit with sophisticated equipment and instruments, manned by professionals of highest academic calibre. The basic research involves search for plant ecotypes with attributes for resistance to crop pests and diseases, and also provide allelochemicals and biological compounds with growth enhancing properties. Our research unit has successfully isolated active compounds from neem, karanj, other perennials and herbs for their use in the formulation of plant based pesticides, and herbal medicines. 

Bicco has its own plantation and production centres spread over a area of 36000 sq.ft., and is fully self-sufficient for its resources and productive processes. The company's quality control unit monitors every step in the formulation and manufacturing of each of its product. Hence Bicco products are well known for their quality and high standard performance, both nationally and internationally.

Bicco's market base exists in most states in India and its bio-based products are exported to South East Asian and Middle Eastern Countries (namely Egypt, Jordan, Spain,Taiwan, New Caledonia, Bangladesh etc ).

In brief, Bicco is poised for a period of rapid growth with major investments in research with a commitment to environment, ecology and human health. The company is also expanding its research base by updating its research laboratories and field stations to provide the most modern facilities for chemical and biological research in terms of space, equipment and manpower. Bicco's R & D Unit has been formally approved by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Government of India in recognition of its contributions to the development of natural products of agricultural and human importance.

Bicco will be happy to develop any specific product based on Indian herbs or plants according to your requirements and specifications.