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India has the highest indigenous species of herbs with the majority concentrated in the sub Himalayan region. For ages the usefulness of these herbs towards human health and happiness has been known though somehow their usefulness has not been fully utilized.

Our group being dedicated to nature and natural products took up special research projects to locate, identify and explore herbs that would provide pure active compounds of medicinal importance. Many

of these compounds, particularly the alkaloids, have also great potentials in commercial and industrial sectors in addition to their use for medicinal purposes. Though all plants have one or other properties of human values, we ventured to identify some specific compounds from plants that can be scientifically sourced, screened and identified.

With this objective in view, our group has identified several species of herbs that are rich in natural compounds of importance. Saponins, for example, are in great demand globally and we took up special projects to identify species of herbs that would provide them aplenty. The same principle holds for other active compounds as well, carbohydrates including. We are therefore taking a step-by-step approach to developing linkages between alkaloids and specific herbs, in such a way that the natural attributes of the compounds are maintained.

Thus, the herbs of prime medicinal importance are cultivated by our trained team under strict supervision following the best agronomical practices. They are also harvested at a growth stage that would ultimately yield the alkaloids and other ingredients of acceptable quality. Our pilot plant evaluates the characteristics of the active compounds like saponins to ensure that they meet the rigourous  international and national standards.

The factory with the totally up to date set up and effective infrastructure have most sophisticated equipment to optimally extract the compounds, particularly the specified ones. The exuviae or extract also provide the best combination of compounds in the purest forms.

With the infrastructural and scientific facilities available, we are in a position to even offer our expertise in isolation of compounds of your specific interest from any specified herbs.

In summation, we can supply herbs in raw form, as powder, blends, extracts, oil, alkaloids or as per your customized production requirements depending on the season and availability.