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The ideal tea will have a blend over different varieties of tea in proportions that would give the essence of the best of quality and liquor. This means the blended tea must have the attributes to give the person drinking the quaint pleasure of aroma that would activate him/her senses to a joyous peak for a long time. Simultaneously, it must also provide to the drinker with all the ingredients that would help in preventing human diseases.

PIYONA has been created after much experimenting just to provide the tea drinker anything and everything that is best in tea. To begin with, it is made from freshly plucked two and a bud from luxuriously green tea gardens deep in the valleys of Assam producing tea of foremost quality. The freshly plucked teas are processed under the most hygienic conditions in the factory in a way that they maintain the full range of aroma as fresh as they would be in the garden. The final produce, having been through ideal fermentation rolling and drying, comes out as a unique entity in physical, chemical and biochemical sense, resplendent and sensuous.

PIYONA thus uniquely provides the best that tea can provide. It is made from freshly plucked shoots selectively chosen to give the best flavour and quality, and liquor that add up to a quality that no other tea can provide. To this must be added the fact that every leaf or grain of PIYONA has ingrained it its health giving properties of tea.

So when you drink PIYONA, you get not only a unique taste, but also unmatched flavour, incomparable liquor, all in one, plus the inherent health giving properties of tea. As you sip PIYONA you realize you are drinking a tea straight from the green valleys of Assam, with the freshness still remaining intact at its natural best.

PIYONA is now available in packages of 250gms, 100gms, 50gms. So we say to get the best, get to PIYONA

With PIYONA as base, you can make any tea of your choice, be it lemon tea, or any other flavoury tea or any tea that meets your very own taste!

"We say whoever drinks Piyona Tea will never forget its flavour and fragrance, and will live long"

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